Application examples

Printing machines
As the basic unit of a pad printing machine, the Hexapod Robot handles large workpieces in this application. Thanks to its high payload and freedom of movement, even sensitive surfaces can be processed reliably.
Plastics processing
Hexapod Robot is used in this application for cutting processing of
plastics with a high glass fibre content. Its legs and all its joints lie above the working level. The workpieces are therefore protected against being soiled
with swarf. Its large working area also allows the complete processing of a workpiece without re-setting.
Wood processing
With the Hexapod Robot, freeform surfaces, such as those required in wood processing or furniture production can be processed accurately and automatically. Chairs, seat backs, banisters or processed panels are just a
few examples.
Hexapod Robot is resistant to the dust and chippings created during
wood processing. With suspended arrangement, the chipping removal is
very easy.
The high-performance drivers of the
Hexapod Robot enable high dynamics with a high payload (up to 1.5 to). This also enables for example the paletting of heavy workpieces or its use as a bending aid for large edging presses.
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